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UPDATE: Tanzanian activist’s body was bound, gagged, beaten

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI – In an update of the details surrounding the death of a Tanzanian gay rights activist, Identity Kenya reports that Maurice Mjomba was found in a slumped position on a couch, his mouth and nose taped, his hands bound behind his back, and he appeared to be severely beaten.

The new information is part of a report from eyewitnesses, who were at Mjomba's house when his body, which had already started to decompose, was discovered July 30, Identity Kenya says. Mjomba was last seen July 27, and reports are that from July 28 until his body was found, no one had been able to reach him, even by phone.

Mjomba was buried Aug 1 in Dar es Salaam. Cause of death has not yet been established, but a full autopsy and police report are expected Aug 3. There have been no arrests in connection with his death.

Mjomba was a founding member of Stay Awake Network Activities (SANA), a sexual-health
education organization for men who have sex with men (MSM). Fellow
activists and friends remember Mjomba as hard-working, diligent and
honest, saying his death is a loss to the fledgling queer community in

Identity Kenya says Tanzanian media have not covered Mjomba's death. 

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