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US Open Update – Andy Roddick is looking FYYYYYINE…and AMPED UP this Saturday

After a long week of writing, I decided to hunker down last night and watch some US Open matches. I love playing on hard courts and this is my favourite of the four annual tennis grand slams.

It turns out my longstanding dislike for Maria Screamapova has diminished over the past year and I was happy to see her sail through her match relatively untested. I even sat through most of La Roddick's match. Maybe it's the fact that his last name combines two of wink-wink nudge-nudge synonyms. Or maybe it's his habit of touching his business after every completed point and his unpredictable tennis tantrums (which make me think fondly of the times an ex of mine and I would have to walk home from the courts separately after our matches).

I hope he makes it far into the draw this year.

In other news: it's Labour Day. End of summer shenanigans. I'll be covering CruiseyT's final boat cruise on Sunday for Xtra West, so come on down and get your sail on.

Mexico's Isaac Escalante is in town for Pulse's Amped Saturday night. DJ Dreaddy is warm up. It sounds like he's agreed to do an Xtra Xposed next week. Here's your chance to hear him in advance if you haven't had the chance before.