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US pharmacy to stock female condoms

Everyone knows that condoms offer the best protection against
sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS.

Condoms are also easy to find — at your local pharmacy, in
grocery stores, at your doctor’s, in public washrooms, and from any gay man.

But what about female condoms?


In theory, the female condom should also protect against
STIs, including HIV/AIDS (although some say more research is needed), and they
should also be easy to find.

But they are not, and in the United States they have not been readily available in drug stores — until now.

American pharmacy chain Walgreens has announced that a new female condom will be stocked at 400 locations
across the country.

a press release issued by Chicago Female Condom Campaign, founder Jessica Terlikowski
says, "Limited access to female condoms
has long been a barrier to use. The Chicago Female Condom Campaign commends
Walgreens for making a business decision that will help women and men across
the US access the prevention tools they need to stay healthy. HIV prevention
educators, advocates and service providers are proud to have a private-sector
partner like Walgreens prioritize the public’s health. We urge other commercial
pharmacies to follow Walgreens’ commitment to reduce new HIV and STI infections
and make the new female condom available in their stores."

The news has piqued my interest — I
wonder if female condoms can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart?