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US study shows bisexuals less likely to be out

Bisexuals account for 40 percent of queers surveyed in new Pew study

The study, released in June, found that bisexuals on average are younger than gays and lesbians. Credit:

Only 28 percent of American bisexuals are out of the closet to important people in their lives, according to new Pew Research

According to Pew’s Survey of LGBT Americans, 77 percent of gay men and 71 percent of lesbians are out to their friends and family. 

Of bisexuals, women are much more likely to be out (33 percent) than men (12 percent), the survey found. Women accounted for three quarters of the survey respondents’ bisexuals. 

Bisexuals are also much younger than gays or lesbians, the research shows. 

The study of 1,197 LGBT Americans found that 40 percent of LGBT people are bisexual, 36 percent are gay men, 19 percent are lesbians, and 5 percent are transgender.