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V-Day gifting guide

Valentine's Day suggestions for him and her

Strawberry Shower, Scrub and Soften, from The Body Shop. Credit: The Body Shop

First off, I believe it is important to note that this is a gifting guide for V-Day, Feb 14, not VD day, which is an altogether different type of day that simply requires a phone call and apology card.

Valentine's Day is a weird "holiday." Is it 100-percent fabricated by corporations to make money? Absolutely. Is it a totally meaningless day that doesn’t mean anything to anybody? Absolutely. Will we be furious if our significant others allow the day to pass without a present? Totally. At the end of the day, it is all about showing the person you love how much you love them. Here are a few suggestions for those who know better than to give cash and aren’t talented enough to knit a pair of long johns.

Whether you are in a budding romance and looking to shower your new love with affection, have found your true love and want to make sure he or she knows it, or just want to make it past the V-Day buffer zone so you can dump their ass, this gifting guide has solutions for everyone.

(Check out the slideshow above for corresponding photos.)

For her:

Strawberry Shower, Scrub and Soften, $30, The Body Shop,

Oozing romance and passion, this special Valentine's Day package is perfectly suited for your special lady. Containing strawberry shower gel, exfoliate, as well as body and lip butter, this makes a wonderful gift for someone you are just getting to know or someone you love who likes to feel and smell pretty. And, unlike many other beauty products on the market today, all Body Shop merchandise is natural and ethically produced. 

Original Red Lazy pants, $80, Lazy Pants,

Notorious for their comfort and sassiness, these Canadian-made sweatpants have defied all odds to make wearing comfy pants cool. For the girl who likes to be cozy in her downtime, these pants are impossibly comfortable. Just in time for V-Day, all pink and red Lazy Pants are 50 percent off online, so you can get your girl these dream pants for only $40!

B&W floral print Dr Martens, $170, Dr Martens, 391 Queen St W,

I know a pair of boots isn't exactly what one would consider a “traditional” Valentine’s Day gift, but that’s why you’re not reading a “traditional” V-Day gift guide! Fresh from the spring 2014 collection, these Dr Martens are a stunning way to make your feet a statement piece this season. And they are covered in black and white roses! 

Kenzo tiger necklace, $225, Holt Renfrew, 50 Bloor St W,

If your girl likes a bit of bling on Valentine’s Day, this tiger necklace from Kenzo’s debut jewellery collection is a perfect choice. It’s unique, it’s edgy and it’s pretty. The collection also comes in gold and silver, but who doesn’t want a rainbow tiger roaring from her clavicle?

For him:

Gillette Fusion pack, $25, Shoppers Drug Mart,

If you’re not a fan of fur, get closer to your guy this V-Day with the new Gillette Fusion. The ProGlide SilverTouch Razor features thinner, finer blades and a low-resistance coating for incredible closeness and comfort. This is a simple and easy gift for your sweetheart, and frankly it’s the best disposable razor on the market. You should probably get yourself one as well.

David Beckham bodywear, $25–40, H&M,

In his third collaboration with retail juggernaut H&M, David Beckham has expanded his underpants range. The new bodywear collection — featuring briefs, boxers, long johns and sweat pants — makes a simple, affordable and sexy V-Day gift. Each item comes with the cover art of Mr Beckham himself modelling your new attire . . . so it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

V-Day accessory combo, $30 + $15, Le Chateau,

For the fashion-forward man, Le Chateau presents a combo pack of two of the biggest comeback items of the past year: suspenders and bowties! It makes a wonderful gift for your guy, or even as a cheeky and adorable date-night ensemble.

Karl 7 Watch by Karl Lagerfeld, $335, Watch It,

There is something so romantic about being given something that will remind you of that special someone every time you look at it. In this case, you might look at it, have a laugh at good ol' Karl, then think fondly of the person who gave it to you. The Karl 7 comes in black-on-black and silver-and-gold and features a glossy dial with matching indexes and a sleek pyramid-stud top-ring.

For both:

Leather jacket; men's, $200, women's, $100; Danier,

Whether you’re a bomber or a biker, a leather jacket is a fashion staple that never goes out of style, and Danier is an amazing Canadian company providing the best-quality leather jackets and accessories. Give him a perfect transitional piece with this matte-leather bomber jacket with a detachable jersey hood, and help your girl unleash her inner badass with this modern biker jacket with a pop of colour for spring!

Jabra Revo wireless headphones, $250, Apple Store,

Operating via a Bluetooth connection with your phone, iPod or computer, the Jabra Revo wireless headphones set you free from wires forever. With wireless controls for your device on the headphones and Dolby Digital Plus sound quality, you can lose all the hassle of wires without compromising the sound. Perfect for a runner or those who like to listen to their music at the gym.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite, $400, The Bay,

This life-saving appliance is truly a gift for your partner and yourself. With juice cleanses being the number-one fad diet on the market today, it provides all the benefits of juicing without having to subscribe to one of those disgustingly overpriced juice-delivery services. With it, you can quickly and easily juice any fruit or vegetable right in your kitchen. The top-of-the-line Juice Fountain Elite contains more than 40,000 filtering pores to ensure your juice is smooth and refreshing and features an extra-wide feed tube to maximize efficiency and cut down on prep time. Most importantly, it doesn’t heat the produce as it juices, thereby retaining all nutrients and enzymes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear, $1,000, Best Buy,

One of the most amazing technological advancements of 2013 was the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear that went along with it. The Note 3 itself was impressive enough, with its 13 MP Camera, multi-window display, S Pen and 32 GB memory. The Galaxy Gear is a watch that links wirelessly to your Note 3 and allows you to take photos, videos, make phone calls and read text messages all while your phone is safe and sound in your pocket or bag. And with the help of the Gear’s “S Voice,” you can control every other aspect of your phone from your watch! Now not only hands-free, but ears-free as well.