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Maybe you're wondering: where the eff can I get my gay news in a fresh and saucy–nay, convenient–format that I can carry with me at all times? The answer to that, of course, is right here on and in print from Xtra West! OBVIOUSLY! But there are other sources and here's a doozie:

Or for those of youse on Twitter: @VanRagazine

Not only are they featuring an interview with the great Mark Tewksbury to discuss the lack of gay athletes in the Games (by none other than my Gay Job co-host Rob Easton)–and hey, you can catch out Xtra's coverage on the same topic here…but V-Rag also managed to score a great feature with my first pornstar crush Caesar:

Drool. Yeah. They are that goddamn good. And they also have an event calendar (hint: it's the Olympics, so you will want to check it out).

Follow them. Love them. Marry editor Cole Johnston. And since I know you'll love the blog, you can pick up the hard-copy at the following locales:

  • Davie at Little Sister's
  • Fountainhead
  • Priape
  • Melriches
  • 1181
  • Loves
  • Denman Book Warehouse
  • Delaney's
  • Independent Flixx
  • Denman Blenz, as well as
  • Videomatica
  • Zulu
  • Militant Penguin
  • Our Town
  • Mine Salon, and
  • Emily Carr.

Personally, I like my news Vancouver-focused and my magazines ragged. So check it out!

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