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Vaginas: get over it

Gay Men Draw Vaginas is exactly what it sounds like, also a successful Kickstarter campaign

One thing that’s always disgusted me is when gay men say they’re disgusted by vaginas. It’s like, yeah . . . you don’t want to have sex with one: get over yourself.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gay and queer guys who are into vaginas and plenty who have them.

For example, Gay Men Draw Vaginas is a celebratory art project by California artists Shannon O’Malley and Keith Wilson, where they collected pictures of vaginas drawn by gay men.

“The drawings display a range of ‘skill’ level so as to lay bare the vagina of the collective gay male mind,” they explain on their successful Kickstarter, which will turn the collection into a book. “Many of the drawings came out of art booth sessions we held in San Francisco, some of them were mailed to us, and some of them we asked for.”

In terms hilarious, beautiful, bizarre, but always vaginal. I, for one, am thrilled to see that this project found so much support.