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Valentine’s advice, Mexican marriage and a power-bisexual

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Alabama on video

As Alabama eases itself awkwardly into same-sex marriage, the state’s trials and joys have been caught on video. On YouTube, Freedom to Marry catches the touching first married moments of Alabama gay couples. Meanwhile, Alabama redneck Jeremy Addaway looks for evidence that homosexuality has invaded his brush pile or tool shed and mulls the possibility of gay marriage spreading to the squirrel population.

Ghana psychiatry head: Gays are “psychologically disordered”

Ghana’s chief psychiatrist, the CEO of the country’s mental health authority, says gay people are “psychologically disordered in some way for which they need to be corrected” and suggests that treating homosexuality is the best way to prevent violence against gay people. In the past week, Ghana has seen several high-profile cases of anti-gay violence.

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Mexican same-sex marriage surges forward

While same-sex marriage across the United States is drawing closer to realization, Mexico is having its own gay revolution. The state of Baja California Sur has announced its first same-sex marriages will be held in March. Meanwhile, the first gay wedding in the state of Sonora was held on Friday, and the gay stronghold state of Quintana Roo held a mass gay wedding St Valentine’s Day in Playa del Carmen.

Oregon gets US’s first bisexual governor

Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown has stepped up to become the United States’ first bisexual governor, arguably the country’s first LGBT governor. Brown is taking over from Governor John Kitzhaber, who has resigned in a corruption scandal involving his girlfriend. Brown is married to a man and came out as bisexual while serving in the state legislature.

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Dan Savage’s Valentine’s Day advice

On Valentine’s Day, sex columnist Dan Savage offered this Zen-like advice to his Twitter followers: “Every relationship you’re ever going to be in is going to fail — until one doesn’t. Maybe this is the one that won’t. Or maybe they’re waiting until tomorrow to dump you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Three eras of gay sex in three minutes

In a new short, filmmaker Leo Herrera explores the history of gay male sex, from cruising before Stonewall to social media. See it on Vimeo.