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Value for branding dollars?

The Conservatives spent $2.8 million to
promote the Next Phase™ of Canada’s Economic Action Plan™, but for all of that
money, they refuse to disclose the effectiveness of the campaign. Sure, they’ve
released the survey data – and according to marketing professionals, the levels
of recall are nothing to be proud of. But the government’s own benchmarks for
success? They’re keeping that analysis secret, even though it doesn’t appear
that they actually have the mechanism to do so, as the reasons don’t seem to
fit in any category that would allow that information to be withheld. Hands up,
anyone who is surprised by this move by the “most open and transparent
government” in the history of ever.

Changes to the pardons system coming in
could mean a lot fewer applicants, which also means it could be a lot harder
for people who have done their time to turn their lives around.

Here’s a look at the upcoming by-election in Toronto Danforth. The New Democrats have three declared candidates so far, and while
the Liberals have not yet declared anyone, they’re expecting three
to five candidates in their own race.

Alice Funke of Pundit’s Guide tells CTV’s Power Play that the NDP leadership race
is about to get a lot more exciting.

The two NDP MPs who were censured for
voting to scrap the long-gun registry continue to have no regrets, saying they
represented their constituents and they plan to talk about economic engagement in
their region in the upcoming session.

Edmonton MP Peter Goldring, who resigned
from the Conservative caucus last month after a criminal charge for failing to
provide a breath sample, now lists himself as a “Civil Libertarian” as his
independent designation.

Bob Rae talks to Susan Delacourt about undoing the damage of Conservative governments in the future, how Harper isn’t
permanently changing our political culture, and Harper’s view of

Here’s an in-depth look at the rehabilitation of the Bank of Montreal building that will become Parliament Hill’s new
ceremonial ballroom.

And John Geddes smashes the notion that
Harper is a more hockey-savvy prime minister than Pierre Trudeau. In fact, it
was quite the opposite – even if Trudeau didn’t write a book on hockey.

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