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Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival

I was invited to several events at the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival this year, and although lone-wolfing it to winery-hosted dinners was an "interesting" experience for me, my turn at the Vancouver Convention Centre tasting room on Saturday night was nothing short of amazing. Here's a shot from my BlackBerry:

This big room was home to all 183 participating wineries, who poured 723 different wines through the course of the festival. The focus this year was on Argentine and New Zealand wines, with a particular emphasis on rosé.

There were bubbles and whites and reds…. The room generally felt woozy, even when I arrived sober. 

Sam Neill (Jurassic Park… yeah he did) was in town for his New Zealand winery, Two Paddock's Vineyards. Their 2007 pinot noir is the best pinot I've ever had. Actors… what can't they do?

My favourite by far was an Argentine white: Etchart's Cafayate Reserve Torrontes. I would drink this all summer if I could. Both of their Torrontes were amazing – dried fruit notes, very clean.

Special thanks to Heft PR's Kate MacDougall and my companion for the evening, Steve Adams (see photo below), for a great first tasting experience.

More coverage on this will be coming out in my print column next week. 

Happy Monday!

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