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Vancouver police investigate alleged gaybashing

'Derogatory terms' used during incident: VPD spokesperson

Vancouver police are investigating an alleged gaybashing that occurred on queer-friendly Commercial Drive Oct 9 and left a man with a heavily bruised jaw and larynx and several broken teeth.

According to the man’s friends, three men allegedly shouted, “You look like a faggot” at him. When he replied, “That’s what I am,” the men allegedly physically assaulted him, a friend’s Facebook page states.

The posting says that the man was unconscious before he hit the ground and that his brother was also allegedly attacked.

The man’s jaw is now reportedly wired shut.

Vancouver Police Department (VPD) spokesperson Constable Brian Montague confirms an incident was reported as having occurred near the 4th and Commercial Drive intersection. “It was reported to the VPD on Oct 11,” Montague says. “The file is still open and the investigation is ongoing. There have been no arrests.”

Montague confirms that “derogatory terms” were used in the incident. “I’m pretty sure that language was used by the three men,” he says.

The VPD diversity unit is aware of the incident, Montague adds.

Xtra’s attempts to reach the man who was allegedly attacked have been unsuccessful so far.

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