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Vancouver Pride 2009 – Up Your Alley Wrap Up

I'm not going to lie. On Saturday morning, I was actually wondering if I was going to make it through this weekend in one piece. Last year, I had to skip Rapture because I was too exhausted to go. This year, I dug deep and hit 6 of the 8 Pride picks I made in the Xtra West Pride Guide. For most of it, I was wearing underwear and swimwear (or less)…which means I didn't have a camera available for photos. If friends donate, I will post Pride shots here this week. If you have any you'd like to send, send them to

I don't want to go on and on about every event I covered, but want to tell you this: there are some incredibly talented people in this city and some excellent music filling our clubs and night spaces.

From stripping for Odyssey's Shower Power (I donated my time to the Heath Initiative for Men) to marching in the parade for Jagermeister to hosting the incredibly successful Rapture parties and everything in between, I can tell you that I have had the Pride of all Prides this year and have a better understanding of what that means for me. For some people, Pride is a political statement about their sexuality. For me, it's about celebrating who you are with community and your friends. Hallmark moment. Sure. But I really do mean that. There is no other time of year where I feel so visible and so part of something so much bigger than myself.

Music-wise, I also think I have a better understanding of house music. Although I was getting body painted in the basement of Celebrities on Sunday during DJ Bertossi's set, his set was so good I could hardly stand still and recommend you check him out next time he's headlining a big event.

Having popped my circuit cherry this summer in Toronto, I will say this: you haven't lived until you experienced a large-scale, full-produciton Pride circuit party. You wonder if the $90 ticket price is worth it? It totally is.

My friend Tommy D and his partner Anna T Fabulous from the Flame and the Dame exceeded my expecations from what I saw in Toronto. The Rapture parties on Saturday and Sunday were incredible. The performace by Kamalektra transcended drag. It was visual and aural art. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I lifted this photo from her myspace page and although it didn't even come close to what I saw Saturday, it will give you an idea of what sort of costume she's capable of preparing:

If you were at the sold out party on Sunday, you will know why circuit house is made for people who truly love to dance. Tony Moran layed down a dark, punchy set. And the performances by Nina Flowers were terrifying. 

At some point during the weekend, I heard a remix of this song and loved it. Already looking forward to next year…