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Vancouver Pride Gaydown: T-minus 10 days


Oh my G-string! Terry Costa along with James and the boys at
Celebrities know how to put on a kick-ass show. Tonight's finale of
Vancouver's Next Go Go Boy Star was not to be missed. Sergio stole the
show and truly deserves his newfound star status (and hey, Sergio, if
you're reading this, thanks for the love. That Xtra! West exclusive
photo of you and me will probably be in Pride issue).

I decided to bust out my point-and-shoot and cover tonight's event for Right Up Your Alley. Your winner, Vancouver, is smoldering up the right-hand side of this pic:
And here's my pick/pic of the night:

And as far as routines go, this guy won my heart over with his:

love for any man who can channel Mariah Carey and is thoughtful enough
to bring a grab-bag full of racing flags for his audience. He was the
only dancer who strip-teased…the crowd favourite by far. Click here for more information on the finale. It should be updated by the end of day Friday. (NB This is Starlen Gold, local Van dancer)

yes, I have been waiting and waiting to get a Mariah Carey reference on
here and am glad my first MC plug is for that forgotten gem, 2001's