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Vancouver Pride Gaydown: T-minus 13 days


Seeing as there's less than two weeks to go until the best parade of
the year rolls through the West End, methinks it's time to start a
countdown. Not just any countdown. No no. This isn't your standard
weekend MuchMusic fare with shiny pg-12 banter from those sexless
Toronto robots CHUM employs to brainwash Canadian youth into buying
tens and tens of Sam Roberts records every year. Nor will this
countdown take a page from the Cape Canaveral rocket launches of
yesteryear, though I imagine there will be blastoffs of one kind or
another every night for the next 13 days. (Reminder to check out the fireworks on Wed July 31)

This is a gay countdown. Or in other words: the gaydown.

And what better way to kick off summer excess than with excess' favourite poster girl.

Is she straight? Is she gay? Does anyone even care?

sister sent me this photo a few days ago and I thought, perfect,
finally Lindsay Lohan is wearing something that I can relate to: a
Pride flag dipped in sparkles. And look at that hemline! It's short
enough to make Dame Edna Everage
clear her throat, straighten her glasses and purr: "I'm trying to find
a word to describe what you're wearing, darling… affordable!"

would like to take this opportunity to applaud Lindsay's new lady
friend for encouraging Lindsay to throw caution to the wind (so to
speak) and let the rainbow take her where it may.

Well-gayed, Lindsay Lohan. Well-gayed indeed.