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Vancouver Pride Gaydown: T-minus 4 days

the only word I can use to describe the marvel that is Amanda Lapore,
who put on a jawdropping show at Celebrities Wednesday night. She's one
part Joan Rivers, one part Marlene Dietrich and one part something
elese (what exactly, I'm not sure)

Xtra West! column this week pondered dick slip versus nip slip…which
is the greater tradgedy? Write me and tell me what you think. I'd love
to hear.

I believe the look in my eyes is one part giddy, one part vodka redbull and one part fear.

Here's her Wiki bio:

Amanda Lepore (born Armand Lepore on December 5, year unknown) is an American transgender
icon who has received attention for her modeling, fashion, partying,
and business skills. She has been the advertising face for Heatherette, M.A.C. (cosmetics), Mego Jeans, Swatch,
and more. Fashion design company Heatherette has used Lepore's image on
much of their clothing and has chosen her several times to model their
brand during Fashion Week. She had a cameo in the film Party Monster, directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. Lepore resides in New York City
and works as a nightlife hostess at many of the city's popular parties
and clubs. She has also had cameos in music videos for artists such as Elton John, the Dandy Warhols and Girl in a Coma.

Serving as David LaChapelle's muse, Lepore has been included in advertising campaigns for companies such as Armani and MTV. Lepore is also noted as a regular subject in much of LaChapelle's work. She participated in his Artists and Prostitutes 1985-2005 exhibit in New York where she "lived" in a voyeuristic life-sized set.

Now on to the rest of the night…I believe I talked up the lovely gay
porn couple (the Jarics) quite a lot on this blog. When push came to
shove, the Jaric boys had a "performance malfunction." My camera died,
but that doesn't really matter because their show lasted for about ten
minutes. Sad for the crowd and yours truly, but it happens. Makes them all the more real and I can appreciate that.