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Vancouver Pride Ticket Update

New restaurant alert: L'Abbatoir is having their grand opening tonight. I will be attending and will give you a run down by the end of the week. 

It's less than twenty days now until Vancouver is overrun by the unwashed LGBTA hordes for this year's Pride. Xtra Vancouver's Pride Guide will be released this Wednesday here online at and also in the newspaper that is distributed all throughout the Lower Mainland. Read it. Study it. Make sweet, sultry love to it.

In advance of the Pride Guide, I've had a few promoters contact me about cheaper tickets for large Pride events. As with most things, the earlier you buy, the cheaper it is. If you wait another week, prices will go up, so shit or get off the pot. Here are a couple to think about:

1. Rapture: Ignition and Rapture: Victory – You have until July 15 to save some money on these tickets. Click on the links to find out how much. As expected, the Victory party on Sunday is looking sleek and mean and will guarantee sell out like last year. I remember hosting last year's Sunday and having people come up to me inside to ask where they could get tickets for friends waiting outside. Firstly: once the tickets are sold out, you are SOL. Secondly: this isn't the type of thing you ask people on the main floor at the Commodore, so smarten the fuck up and plan ahead.

2. Iron Rod – This is the East Side's version of the circuit-style parties that happen every year. Limited pre-sale tickets are currently available at Priape for $18. That's a steal, people. I like Open Studios and I'm definitely interested in seeing whether this party is the start of a new kind of circuit event here in Vancouver.

Something funny is coming your way Wednesday. Have a good start to your week. Heart. Heart. Heart. Winking Smiling Face. 

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