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Vancouver Pride Week – Thursday

Wow…those fireworks last night were a little wah wah. There was even a misfire at the end, something I can relate to sure, but still whorrifying to watch.

Looking for something to do tonight? Try these:

1) 1181 Big Fat Cock Contest 


Rumour has it that Dr. Foreskin will be attending this one. EXCITING! You’ll be given a can of Red Bull at the door and RyanSteele will be waiting for you in the bathroom with his camera. Completelyanonymous. Come hard. Come soft. I’ll be coming after the Pride Ball. Winnerwill receive tickets to Rapture, Iron Rod, Big Roger’s Frisky, Steamworks and abar tab.

2) Pride Bal

I'm from the House of LaBasia, bitch! Let your inner Paris is Burning loose. Don't make me motherfucking vogue up in here. Prizes for fabulousness and some great drag performances in store.

Have fun tonight!