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Vancouver Queer Film Festival begins next week

It's that time of year again, Vancouver. Pride has come and gone which means it's festival time. From the Vancouver Queer Film Festival to the Fringe to the Vancouver International Writer's Festival, there will be a lot of culture to cover over the next few months, so get your calendars out and start marking dates.

First up is the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, which runs from Aug 13 – Aug 23. Follow that link and you'll have access to a complete list of films and screenings, as well as background on the Festival. I've reviewed two films for Xtra West and my reviews will be appearing in the next print edition, which hits the streets on Wed Aug 12.

On Monday, Up Your Alley is going to feature a special interview with author-friend-celebutante Amber Dawn, who is the Director of Programming at this year's festival.

In advance of that interview, here is a VQFF commercial featuring Patrick Levesque, who is a co-founder of Homorazzi, co-owner of Masc (on Davie in Yaletown) and recently participated in the Celebriy Shower Power with me at the Odyssey during Pride Week.

Enjoy! And remember: Lady Miss Kier is spinning at Pulse tonight and Tiga is spinning at Celebrities. Get out and get your dance on!