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Vancouver = Walmart? and Tuesday Hotness

I'm now safely ensconced with the rest of the Canadian Horlors in Victoria where Christmas will surely play out with equals parts shock and hilarity. On my ride over yesterday, a die-hard Victoria-ite bated me with the ever amusing Victoria-is-the-best, Vancouver-is-Satan-incarnate agenda. She was the most creative I've had in recent years, going so far as to boldly state that "Vancouver is like Walmart: everyone is pushy and rude and out for their own agenda."

I do not joke. These were her words exactly. I responded by putting my headphones on and listening to Fleetwood Mac ("Everywhere" ohhhhh yeah).

In any case, I've decided that she was far more like Wallmart: obvious, poorly lit and unbeatably cheap.

Vancouver: I love you!

The shot above reminded me of Van Hotness.

Is it time for me to retire the Tuesday Hotness for a new blog segment? Would love to hear your thoughts.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: today's Tuesday Hotness pictures removed at request of the model) 

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