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Vancouver’s 10 most fascinating gays

In the May issue, V-Rag has shared the second part of this year's Top 10 Fascinating Members of our Community, as chosen by drag legend Joan-E, and I am so touched to have gotten a spot!

Here's what Joan-E had to say about me:

"It's safe to say that Raziel, like many on this list, evokes a strong opinion. To some he is a brat who is far too bitchy and talks about sex too much. Okay, but if you actually read his blog (the only part of Xtra I still look at, breaking a personal rule), you will see that there is much more to him. There is a thread to the posts that is far more mature than some of the writing would initially indicate. Oh, and he's a sucker for promoting charity events… and I like that."

People think I'm a brat? Who is bitchy? And who talks about sex too much?!

I had no idea.

Now, before you feel compelled to remind me, I fully realize how lame it is to write a blog post all about how fabulous I am. You're probably checking your web browser at this very moment wondering if you typed in by mistake. But I'm excited, so I'm gonna have my moment. And if in that moment I choose to pretend that I just made Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People list, then that is my prerogative!

To see who else made the top 10, pick up the latest issue of V-Rag, or view it online here.