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Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model 2009 – Round 2 review

**Reminder: come down and check out the next round of Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model 2009 tonight at Score. The contestants will be modeling sports wear and I've heard there may be additional eliminations, though no promises. Show starts at 8pm. And on separate note, afterwards, come down to Celebrities to see who gets crowned "Entertainer of the Year"**

Last Sunday, Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model 2009 held a Winter Wonderland night at Pulse and this year's hopefuls were required to wear white (see my previous coverage of VNGTM 2009 here and while you're at it, check out Trevor Ellestad's reviews here and here. He's a fantastic writer and will be covering VNGTM on his Stinkwallet blog for the course of the competition). Photos follow below and come courtesy of Terry Costa, Mirateca and the mad photographic skills of Chad Walters.

The bold, beautiful, ballsy and, in some cases, bespectacled young men took the stage to DJ Marty Funkhauser's superior spinning skills and regaled the audience with quick Q&As. We were also treated to a Go-Go performance by the saucy and delicious Starlen Gold. For the record, Miss Cotton killed it as our MC. I am falling in love. You are gorgeous, baby! GORGEOUS! 

DJ and fellow audiophile Marty Funkhauser. First this guy will take over your club…and then your heart. Sigh.

Damn that Starlen Gold straight to sexy hell!

Just when I was thinking there weren't enough saucy minxes in this town, Miss Cotton tumbled into my life. Oh, sexy she-devil in heels…Take me, but be gentle.

Now I'd like to give you a little snapshot of what my life is like somedays. To judge or not to judge. Judge lest ye be judged, which therefor makes judging just for those who are both jurisprudent and unapologetically judgemental etc etc…so on and so forth. Amen.

Unfortunately, this week we lost Daniel:

and Brent:

And finally, here are your semi-finalists: 

Haha – just kidding.

See y'all tonight!