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Vancouver’s X-Rated Angel

Homegrown bo-yy

Credit: Peter Breeze

If you haven’t checked out Peter Breeze’s hot new video, “X-Rated Angel,” click onto YouTube sans delay.

A little Gaga, a lot of glam à la Lambert and gay, gay, unabashedly gay!

With its professional Gaga-esque video, catchy tune and “message from God” lyrics, the track is definitely danceable and marks an obvious leap from his earlier “FuckTalk” single (as playfully endearing as that release was).

Vancouver’s up-and-he-hopes-coming pop star is clearly keeping his promise. In 2008 he told Xtra he’d keep it unapologetically gay.

“Instead of us dancing to a female singing about a boy they want so bad, it can be a gay male singing about a boy they want so bad,” he said.

“I think the entertainment industry in general is lacking a strong, in-your-face gay performer. That’s what motivates me,” he continued.

“Don’t be afraid to identify yourself as gay, make music or films that are gay, talk about being gay or write about being gay because it is something that needs to be done.”

That’s right, girl. Stay true to yourself. Your fans appreciate it.