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Verdict for lesbian couple assaulted in Oshawa delayed again

Case pushed to Feb 24

Anji Dimitriou (left) and Jane Currie. Credit: Xtra file photo

Jane Currie and Anji Dimitriou are still waiting to learn the verdict for or against Mark Scott, the man accused of viciously attacking the Oshawa mothers while repeatedly calling them “fucking dykes.”

The case made international headlines after the couple said they were assaulted in front of their six-year-old son and his classmates on Nov 3, 2008. Dimitriou and Currie were picking up their three children from Gordon B Attersley Elementary School when a fellow parent allegedly attacked them.

The trial has been delayed once again to Feb 24, Currie says. The verdict was expected Jan 18.

“Sounds like the judge is just packed with cases,” she says. “So she had to put it back until she makes her decision.”

Currie says their two daughters, aged six and seven, were inside the school when the attack happened but came out in time to see their parents’ bloody faces. She says she’s “extremely disappointed” that her family must wait another month for a decision.

“We’re just so exhausted by the whole damn thing,” she says. “I would really like to get my life back. It’s unreal. It’s always in the back of your mind. It’s exhausting and it’s infuriating.”

Following the alleged assault, hundreds rallied in support of the couple at Oshawa City Hall on Nov 14, 2008.

Scott, of Oshawa, faces two counts of assault causing bodily harm. The case will continue at the Durham Region Courthouse at 150 Bond St in Oshawa.