Coming Out
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Victor Garber admits he’s gay: ‘Everybody knows’

When entertainment blogger Greg Hernandez had the opportunity to interview distinguished Canadian actor Victor Garber at the Deception panel at the TV Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California, he did what any good interviewer would — research.

When reading Garber's Wikipedia page, which said he is gay and has been partnered with artist Rainer Andreesen for the past 13 years, Hernandez wondered if he'd somehow missed the silver fox's coming out. 

Although he lost the opportunity to ask the question during the panel interview, he couldn't get it off his mind and afterward went up to Garber in the lobby of the hotel and asked, "Wikipedia lists Rainer Andreesen as your partner. I wonder if that's something that's public, that you've confirmed?"

"He seemed surprised by the question," Hernandez noted on his blog. "But he said, 'I don't really talk about it, but everybody knows.'"

So there you have it! And they sure make a sexy couple, don't they?