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VIDEO: Backstage with Boy George

A down-to-earth Boy George on real love vs obsession

Boy George (left) chatted with Xtra in Vancouver on Dec 29.

The incomparable Boy George closed out pre-renovations Celebrities with a much-anticipated DJ set on Dec 29.

Xtra got a chance to chat with the gender-bending legend backstage about love, obsession and being gay.

“I knew I was gay long before [David] Bowie. He just confirmed it,” Boy George laughs.

“For me as a kid, I wanted to be liked, and I knew that being gay made me unpopular. I used to hear kids at school saying poof and queer,” he recalls.

“But I kind of always liked being gay,” he says. “I’ve always kind of felt like it was my calling!”

Video by Raziel Reid and Angelina Cantada.