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VIDEO: Backstage with Margaret Cho

The comedian talks about gun control, gays and Downton Abbey

Margaret Cho tells Xtra about her new tour, Mother.

Margaret Cho packed Vancouver’s Centre for Performing Arts Feb 16 as she closed the Comedy Festival with her new show, Mother.

The openly bisexual comedian says she’s trying to have more sex with men, though she’s not really sold on anyone eating her pussy. She’s a bit uncomfortable with her pussy, she says; it was made in Korea in the 1960s and there’s no English manual online.

Cho told the crowd she sort of enjoyed being singled out as beautiful by Christopher Dorner, the rogue ex-Los Angeles police officer who killed four people before allegedly killing himself Feb 12.

But Dorner’s admiration hasn’t weakened her stance on gun laws. “I have no problem murdering somebody,” she says. “It’s just loud.”

Xtra caught up with Cho backstage to ask about her mother, her politics and which TV show she’d most like to star in: Downton Abbey or American Horror Story.