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VIDEO: Gay Oscar picks and predictions

The road to glory starts here

It’s a huge weekend in Hollywood with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science handing out their awards on Sunday, Feb 22. The Oscar shindig is the biggest event in the American film business. Who will win? Who will lose? What will Nicole Kidman wear? Who cares . . . what we want to know is what’s queer! Take a listen to the below interview with Gordon Bowness and Peter Knegt to get a gay look at this year’s nominees.  

You will notice in the above video that Peter Knegt doesn’t make any predictions. So, drumroll please . . . thanks . . . and below are Peter’s predictions.

The biggest winner (or loser) of the night could be Benedict Cumberbatch, star of The Imitation Game. Check out our interview with Cumberbatch below. Win or lose he has proven to be an advocate for the gay community. Here is our interview:

Good luck to all!