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VIDEO: Memphis choreographer speaks about new musical

Sergio Trujillo is a former Torontonian who made it big

The Tony Award-winning musical Memphis is opening tonight (Dec 6) at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

The musical was choreographed by Sergio Trujillo, whose family lives in Toronto. Trujillo also lived in Toronto for years. 

“I’m really excited because I’m really proud of the show and I’m proud of the dancers, he says. “I’m proud of the dancing in the show, and my family gets to see it.”

Trujillo has the impressive distinction of having four musicals he choreographed run on Broadway at the same time. They are Jersey Boys, The Addams Family, Next to Normal and Memphis. will air a longer video interview with Trujillo in the coming days.  Check out our first video below. 

Memphis runs until Dec 24. For more information, click here.