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Video: Naked muscle man eats lunch at Main and Hastings

Brent Ray Fraser is a Vancouver artist. Seeing him on The Cobalt stage as an opera-singing janitor cleaning a toilet, which he then lit on fire — all before painting on a canvas using his huge cock as a brush — was the highlight of Pride 2013 for me. Things got so hot that the promoter of the event had to rush onstage and use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire!

In his latest installment, Brent is filmed eating a steak dinner in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, at Main and East Hastings. I’m not exactly sure what the artistic statement he’s trying to make is, but I’m sure there is one. I’m just too distracted by his majestic penis to try to figure it out.

Despite performing frequently at queer events and even marching in Pride parades, Brent has made it explicitly clear that he is not into gay sex. Or at least, he’s not into being paid for it. He recently tweeted:

“To all the inappropriate men out there, please stop asking me if I’ll fuck you for $$$. I’m an artist not a prostitute.”

I’m sorry, there’s a difference? But seriously, Brent loves the attention men give him and often posts about being solicited for sex. The lady doth protest too much, if you ask me . . .

If you can’t get him in bed, at least enjoy this NSFW piece of, uhm, performance art?

For more, check out last year’s Vancouver Pride parade video where I tried my hardest (no pun intended) to get Brent to show the crowd his art tool: