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Video Review: Naramata Wine and Stream Train Tour

Company: Destination Tours

Location: Vancouver/Online

Product: Naramata Wine and Steam Train Tour

Two days, five wineries, a couple blackouts. You know. A usual trip to the Okanagan. I haven't been on a tour since I moved to Australia in 1999. That's more than a decade, people. Which means I'm probably old enough for a tour physically… though I feel obliged to point out that I'm still not mentally, my friends — and amen to that.

Summerland Resort was gorgeous. Poplar Grove was my favourite winery by far. I'll be honest: when they put Sideways on as our movie to watch on the long bus haul from Vancouver up to the Okanagan, I tried to slit my wrists with a bendy straw. Imagine. A two-hour movie of two guys complaining about wine before taking a two-day tour with too many people who could potentially complain about wine the entire time (ie me)… in a word: risky. But between the other guests and the Destination Tours great staffers, it was wicked fun.

Destination Tours and its guides were fun and fresh… or fresh-faced and fierce. Maybe both. It's worth checking out. I'd definitely consider the van tour next time round.

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I'm going to dedicate this video to Lori Cormack, who was a real bitch the entire time we were up in the Okanagan. Lovesies!

And thanks again to Destination Tours for putting up with having me.