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Video Review: Nu Age Body Care LipoLaser

Company: Nu Age Body Care LipoLaser

Location: Yaletown

Product: Laser Liposuction

Another video blog? Yeah I know. That's how much better Macs are for video work.

Listen, bitches. It looks like winter finally ended last Thursday. Now that summer's here, girl needs to start thinking about Wreck Beach. Which is why se's taken to ordering a glass of air and a bendy straw when she goes out now, because let's get real here. There's nothing sexier than asking someone to count your ribs before playing naked frisbee. NOTHING.

If you don't feel like starving yourself skinny, there may be a wellness treatment that you should consider trying but may also never have heard of.  

Background: This April, I won a prize package from Big Roger Events in partnership with Weights Fitness and Wellness Studio to undergo a personal transformation — to change my body and eating habits into the "Whole New Me" (that was the name of the prize package… nice one, eh?)

I'm pretty tired of the old me. Just saying. So for the past three months, I've been subjected to an intense personal training regimen with Weights, with some extras like teeth whitening, a radio frequency laser tightening treatment, a meal plan, a fitness supplement plan and a laser liposuction session with Nu Age Body Care LipoLaser

Much like the Eurowave session I had a few months back, I was surprised at just how painless and easy and effective this treatment was. Nu Age has a beautiful space in Yaletown, and as you'll see in the video, Alecia is a total babelicious professional with a great sense of humour. 

Lastly, my torture at Weights comes to an end this week, and I'll have another video review next week-ish of the crazy body transformation work they do there. In the meantime, my trainer Bryan at the gym is offering all sorts of crazy pre-Pride specials, including the radio frequency facial treatment and a week's worth of training sessions. Get in touch with them if you want to learn more.