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VIDEO: The Happy Woman premieres

Rose Cullis's big break?

The Happy Woman, a dark comedy written by queer playwright Rose Cullis and directed by Kelly Thorton, opens March 7 at the Berkeley St Theatre. Among other things, the play’s themes include truth, happiness and the taboo.

“In part of looking into Cassie, I was researching the word ‘taboo,’ and it’s actually a Polynesian word that means, yes, what we expect it to mean, which is forbidden, but also, ‘set aside as sacred’ is the origin of the word,” says Maev Beaty, who plays the lead character, Cassie, in the production.

The Happy Woman is produced by Nightwood Theatre and is the first major mounting of a play written by Cullis.

It runs until March 24. For more information on The Happy Woman and Nightwood Theatre, click here.