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VIDEO: The love and legacy of Elbow Room Café: The Musical

Xtra’s behind-the-scenes interview with creators Mackenzie and Deveau

Daily Xtra’s behind-the-scenes interview with Elbow Room Cafe: The Musical director Cameron Mackenzie and playwright/co-lyricist Dave Deveau

It’s fundamentally a love story, says the creative husband and husband team behind Zee Zee Theatre and Studio 58’s Elbow Room Café: The Musical (Phase one), opening March 21.

The musical, originally intended to be a workshop, has ballooned under Cameron Mackenzie’s enthusiastic direction into a practically full-fledged production, with sets, colourful costumes and a cast of 23 students from Langara’s Studio 58 theatre school and two professional actors.

Like the iconic café from which it’s drawn, the Elbow Room musical is “hilarious, raucous, campy” — and unabashedly gay. Watch Daily Xtra’s behind-the-scenes interview above with Mackenzie and playwright/co-lyricist Dave Deveau.