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Video: The rugby-jock drag queen

"Rudy” Flesher got his name from his rugby teammates. It’s based on the movie Rudy, about a football player who dreams of playing for the University of Notre Dame despite “significant obstacles.” It was given to him after he broke his nose during a game of rugby. Instead of going to the hospital, the determined player shoved a tampon up his nose to stop the bleeding and jumped back into the game.

The show must go on! Words to live by on the field and onstage, where Rudy splits his time as a drag queen, defying jock stereotypes and gaining the support of his teammates. 

Here’s his story, from I’m from Driftwood, about his transition from being “the biggest, baddest guy I can be” to mastering “walking in six-inch heels and a 22-inch corset":