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VIDEO: “This is about way more than bullies in our schools.” (UPDATE)

A group of youth in Seattle released a video yesterday calling for the It Gets Better campaign to evolve into a larger discussion of gender and sexuality.

This is not just about being picked on for being different; it's about being queer. This is about our school boards, our homes and our country. This is about every small town, every suburb and every city. This is about how people talk about us and treat us. This is about how we talk about ourselves and treat ourselves.


UPDATE (Nov 24):  Sid Jordan-Peterson, creator and producer of the video, says the script is a "group poem" written by members of a social space in Seattle called Queer Youth Space. The new three-minute video is part of a larger film and education project, also produced by Jordan-Peterson, called PUT THIS ON THE {MAP}, aimed at "reteaching gender and sexuality" to professionals who work with youth. 

The group of youth were moved by the It Gets Better campaign but felt there was a need to "deepen the conversation." Some of them had personal experiences with bullying and with losing peers to suicide, so the increased coverage had them "feeling raw," explains Jordan-Peterson.

"They were glad a conversation about this was happening, but I was approached by one youth who asked if it was okay to post a comment on an It Gets Better video since, after reading many of the comments, he thought only adults could post their thoughts."

The It Gets Better project, Jordan-Peterson says, "had them asking, 'What would we say?'"

At the time of our conversation, Jordan-Peterson was excited to report that the video had reached almost 6,000 views and seemed thrilled by the idea that it might manage "over 10,000!"  As of this update, the video is now at 30,000 views, with no sign of slowing down.

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