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VIDEO: Trans word play with FTM comedian Ian Harvie

'I think everybody is a little bit trans'

Ian Harvie, the first female-to-male trans person to hit the comedy circuit, has no plans of dropping “dyke” from his litany of identity tags.

“I may not appear as a dyke to the world, but I definitely feel that that is part of my history, and I’m not giving up my history,” Harvie says.

But the “male” tag doesn’t work for him.

“I’m a man but I’m not necessarily male,” Harvie says.

For more on this and Harvie’s defence of his use of the word “tranny,” see the below video interview with Lucas Silveira.

Harvie was at The Flying Beaver Pubaret in Toronto recently to help support the 519 Church St Community Centre’s Trans Youth Toronto program.