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Vigilantes, beauty parlours and Jamaican immigration

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Google headquarters, pictured on Sept 2, 2015 in Mountain View, California. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Married gay Russian couple flees

A Russian gay couple who had their marriage in Denmark recognized in Russia due to a legal loophole have left their homeland after they were charged with damaging documents, and police told them they would not be protected from anti-gay vigilantes. [Radio Free Europe]

Indonesian police forcibly shave transgender womens’ heads

After a group of transgender beauticians in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province were accused of teasing some boys, police dragged them to a station and forcibly shaved their heads and dressed them in men’s clothes. [Channel News Asia]

Same-sex marriage dominates Costa Rica elections

After a stunning ruling from a human-rights court ordered the legalization of same-sex marriage in Costa Rica, the issue has taken a central role in the country’s upcoming presidential elections. [Reuters]

Jamaica denies anti-gay pastor entry

A far-right pastor from Arizona who has called for the stoning death of gay people was denied entry to Jamaica after outcry by activists. Jamaica’s chief immigration officer said the pastor’s visit would not be “conducive to the current climate.” [The Guardian]

Google bows to pressure, removes gay dating app in Indonesia

Under pressure from the Indonesian government, Google has pulled a popular Chinese gay dating app from the Google Play Store. [Straits Times]