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Vikings et al

Today at noon is a free lunch at the 2110 Centre to kick off the Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women's community engagement workshop by the Native Women’s Association of Canada. It's designed to educate participants on the Sisters in Spirit innitiative and to inform individuals and communities on ways to take action and raise awareness about the alarmingly high rates of violence against Aboriginal girls and women in Canada. Later, at 7 p.m., is a Wine and Cheese & Vernissage for A Nation´s Legacy of Severance featuring photographic works. 2110 Rue Mackay (between Sherbrooke and Maisonneuve)

Also, these kids are crazy. I actually introduced Xania Keane to Stephen Taylor and they are now a weirdo band called Trike. Stephen is a total nut! But a cute one. No one is gay per se,  but they're very close to alot of people in the Montreal queer community. Also: this video is pretty queer.

 ps, vikings are awesome.