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Vocal teacher’s surprise duet with Kristin Chenoweth goes viral

Not gonna lie: I spent a good five minutes debating between this and Macklemore’s duet at the MTV VMAs. Then I was like, nah, let’s go with the more inspirational one. I’m a softy for watching normal people’s dreams come true.

Over the weekend, broadway star Kristin Chenoweth was performing at the Hollywood Bowl when she decided to bring up an audience member to help her perform Wicked’s final number, “For Good.” (In case you’re wondering, this is apparently a regular feature at her shows.)

Chenoweth ended up bestowing the honour on a woman named Sarah Horn, a vocal teacher who just happened to be at the show. You can see where this is going, right? They hit it out of the park. They slayed that shit, and the resulting video has been going viral ever since.

So listen up kids: if you have a dream, work as hard as you can on it. Teach others what you’ve learned. Stick with it. Because eventually, the universe can line up juuuuuuust right and something like this happens.