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Vogue, Chechnya and free PrEP

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Chechnya’s ‘concentration camps’

New reports from Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta suggest gay men in Chechnya are being rounded up and detained by authorities in what some are calling “concentration camps.” Observers at Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch say they have evidence corroborating the detentions, but that the phrase “concentration camps” may not be accurate.

Scotland to make PrEP free

The National Health Service of Scotland will make pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs free to those at high risk, the government has announced. England notably refused to cover PrEP.

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North Carolina proposes equal marriage reversal

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina have proposed a bill to reverse same-sex marriage in the state, in the face of a ruling by the US Supreme Court. The bill says the court overstepped its authority in the ruling, and violated “the decree of Almighty God.”

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United Airlines victim’s gay history

After a Vietnamese born doctor was dragged off a United Airlines flight, a secondary scandal is igniting over his past. Some news outlets are reporting on the passenger’s “troubled” past, including a gay link, while others have criticized those reports for inappropriately putting the victim in the spotlight.

Gay man hired as editor of British Vogue

Ghanaian-born fashion writer and gay man Edward Enninful has been hired as editor of Vogue in Britain. Enninful was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2016 for his contributions to fashion.

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