Toronto Diary
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Vote against gay marriage? Here’s a lump of coal. Ho ho ho.

It’s still a month until Christmas, so good news! You’ve still got 30 days of wiggle room to find a passable gift for your mother, who will then make you take it back to the store to exchange it for the store credit. (Isn’t that right, Maureen?) While X-mas may be weeks away, that hasn’t quelled the giving spirit of a few gay rights advocates.

As you might remember, Hawaii legalized same-sex marriage last week, passing the bill in a 30 to 19 vote. While the LGBT community won out, the 19 lawmakers who voted against gay marriage ended up getting a little something for their efforts.

According to Towleroad, an anonymous source sent lumps of coal to the 19 people who voted against bill SB1, with a note attached saying, “You left a piece of your heart at the State Building when you voted on SB-1 . . . Your lifestyle choice of judging others and ignorance is very unfortunate. Good luck in the next election."

While no one has stepped forward, police have described the suspect in question as “a large, elderly bearded man dressed in red, whose belly shakes in a way that can only be described as jelly-like. He is considered armed and dangerous. Shoot on sight."