New Democratic Party
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Voting countdown

The NDP’s recent surge in the polls makes the May 2 election impossible to predict, but Canadians will soon know the outcome. Advance polls were held last week and election day polls have already opened — for those who have not yet voted, time is running out.

Get off the couch and get down to the voting stations — that’s the message that has been going around for the last few weeks. People all over the country have uploaded/downloaded videos, shared voting strategies over Facebook and tweeted their opinions on the polls, the candidates, the issues and the colour of the candidates’ ties.

Videos have been rocking the web: university students demanding respect, women breaking up with Harper, grannies rebelling against the government, and simple Harper scare tactics. 

University of Victoria students — vote!

We have to break up.

There have been some cool revelations, too, including the fact that the NDP leads the way on queer candidates running for office.

The not-so-cool update on news coverage is that preemptive tweeting will be squashed in a nasty way. Last week, Elections Canada issued a warning that anyone — from journalists to bloggers to ordinary citizens —who publicly reveals local results before all polls are closed, even through a tweet or Facebook post, could face fines of up to $25,000.

Hold those thumbs, everyone, and tweet when it’s time.