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Voting for Ottawa Centre’s Catherine McKenna

The Liberal candidate makes a case for candidacy

As a social justice lawyer, Catherine McKenna understands the importance of protecting the rights of all Canadians. Credit: Catherine Mckenna, Liberal candidate in Ottawa Centre

The following is a paid promotional piece brought to you by the Liberal Party of Canada.

Many voters in Ottawa Centre believe it’s time for a change of government. Catherine McKenna and her team of volunteers have been working hard for more than a year to persuade them that she and the Liberal Party are the best choice for real change.

Under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party has made very different choices than the NDP or the Conservatives. We believe that now is the time to invest aggressively in jobs, economic growth and in people. Below is a list of our promises:

We will double infrastructure investment, including transit, transportation and green infrastructure.

We will cut taxes for everyone with income between $45,000 and $200,000 and pay for it by asking the wealthiest one percent to pay a little more.

We will invest $1.3 billion in youth jobs in the next three years.

We will stop sending Harper’s cheques to millionaires, and give more to families who really need it.

We will make substantial investments in affordable housing, health care, child care spaces and seniors, investments that start right away, not years down the road.

The NDP talk about these areas, but cannot back up the talk with substantial investments that start immediately. The reason is that Tom Mulcair has chosen to adopt Stephen Harper’s commitment to having a balanced budget right now. Justin Trudeau can make these commitments to ambitious change because he has decided that a Liberal government will balance its budget in its fourth year.

Many experts in public finance agree that this approach makes the most economic sense. And it will make our economy and our country stronger in the long run.

Catherine has demonstrated that a more ambitious approach is possible locally, in Ottawa Centre as well.

She has made strong commitments on a number of local issues, including housing, local infrastructure projects, reform of the National Capital Commission, cycling pathways and reducing wasteful partisan mailings from MPs.

She has convened community forums on issues of concern, and established a vigorous presence in the riding through constant engagement and communication with local residents.

If you want to replace the Harper government, you have a choice, and Catherine McKenna, the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau are your best choice for change.

Vote McKenna so Catherine can prove better is possible, for all of us.

Check out this video of Catherine McKenna at the 2015 Ottawa Pride parade.

Catherine McKenna

Community Builder:  Former board member Glebe Community Association and Elizabeth Fry Society.

Experienced Leader:  Teacher at Munk School of Global Affairs; co-founder Canadian Lawyers Abroad; international lawyer; United Nations negotiator.

Education: Degrees in International Relations (University of Toronto and London School of Economics) and Law (McGill); Bilingual: English and French.

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