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Wanna be on top?

Who doesn't?

The Terry Costa Experience is back, people! And he's bringing ROUND THREE of Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model back with him.

Are you ready to claw, scratch, bite and maim your way to number one? Last year, if I had been one of the contestants, I'm pretty sure I would have pushed one of my competitors in front of a bus…

…in the spirit of competing to win, of course, and not for some other spitefully petty reason I assure you.

Will I be invited back to judge? Or maybe even to…gasp…HOST? Who can say. Only time will tell.

Rumour has it that last year's winner (Calan Breckon) has managed to stick-handle his Gay Top Model notoreity into a role on a new paranormal series currently shooting in Vancouver. My congratulations to him!

And I encourage you all to apply. Here's the press release:


Be a
part of the most amazing project. Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model team
is now working for the third season of the event that raises funds for
the charity Friends for Life. "It is fun, educational and life-turning
for many of the men that enter the competition," says producer Terry

Auditions are January 17th but contestants that apply early
get to learn all about the project and receive weekly tips and fun
facts that will help throughout the process. "The team becomes a family
working towards the same goal, an amazing project that is truly with a
community spirit," adds Costa. "The theme for this season is sports and
the contest official photographer, Nicholas Jang, is back to work his
magic on this now popular challenge."

Contestants must be Canadian,
19+ males that identify as gay/bisexual. The contest is open to anyone
living within the Metro Vancouver area that qualifies for the
competition. On January 17th the finalists will be chosen. This
short-listed group of model hopefuls will then go through a series of
challenges, mostly to do with photo shoots, and prepare a live
spectacle show for the grand finale of GAY TOP MODEL 2010 that will
happen at Celebrities Nightclub on Thursday, April 1st, 2010.

Applying is very easy; all contestants need to do is send an email message to with contact details and a recent photo; no experience necessary.

All official details are available on the website or look for GAY TOP MODEL 2010 on facebook.

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