Toronto Diary
1 min

Wanna see James Franco’s ass?

Yeeeeeesssss, bring in those sweet, sweet page views. Anyway, if you’ve never heard of Flaunt magazine before, well, neither has anyone else. Maybe it’s about naked celebrity tushies? I don’t know. Not really sure I care. All I know is that James Franco’s ass is on the front of it for all the world to see. So without further ado, I give you… DAT ASS.

. . . Well. That was actually kind of a lunchbox letdown. I mean, it’s nice I guess, but it’s kind of on the skinny side. Maybe it’s a matter of cropping, but I was just expecting, I don’t know, more ass? *Sigh* If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here making do with this tiny, tiny tuchus.

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