Toronto Diary
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Want to buy Brendon Ayanbadejo’s sports gear? YES YOU DO

So when I first heard that Brendon Ayanbadejo, the pro-gay football player from the Baltimore Ravens, was auctioning off his sports gear for Equality Maryland, I was all like FUCK YEAH.

But then I realized he was selling just his shoes and gloves, and not his jockstraps, and I was all, like, okay, that’s good too.

Any excuse to plug in a Gravity Falls gif.

Anyway, Ayanbadejo has been a big supporter of queer equality, which is especially impressive considering that he’s in a culture that isn’t really out loud and proud. And now he’s auctioning off his sports gear and giving the proceeds to Equality Maryland, and you can go bid on it now! Hell, I’ve seen charity jock auctions happening around the Village; I’m sure one of you foot fetishists wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks for charity. Also, he looks like this. How could you not?

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