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Want to lick Mr Gay Europe? Now you can

Photo: Mr Gay Europe Robbie O’Bara gets stamped, as previewed by Beate A Tecza.

The Norwegian postal service has given Robbie O’Bara, of Victoria, BC, his own stamp!

O’Bara, a medical student in Dublin, is Mr Gay Europe 2013/14 and will be available to lick this Valentine’s Day.

On Feb 14, Valentine’s cards will be sent out from Oslo by the Mr Gay Europe organization featuring O’Bara’s stamp. For 12 euros (about $17 Canadian) you can order a card for yourself and receive a souvenir or have the card sent to someone you admire.

Not only are you supporting the activism of our Mr Gay Europe, but since the stamp won’t be sold at the post office, it’s the only way to get your tongue on him!

Well, not the only way . . .

How much are flights to Dublin these days?!