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Warwick Rowing Club gets ‘naked for a cause’

This is the story “of some guys who decided to change things by getting naked.”

Since 2009, members of the Warwick Rowing Club have been stripping off their clothes and showing off their bodies for an annual calendar. At first the goal was to raise money to buy new equipment for their club, but their success quickly inspired them to give back. The first calendar featuring the studs was so popular it was sold in 77 countries, and since then, Warwick has raised more than $200,000 for their charity Sport Allies, which fights homophobia in sport, by expanding their merchandise to include posters, T-shirts, art prints, hoodies and greeting cards.

“It was really the gay market that was supporting the calendar and buying it and in turn supporting the boat club,” says Laurie, a second-year student at Warwick University. “Sport Allies is about standing up and confronting homophobia in sport.”

Check out a video of the Warwick Rowing Club’s history, with behind-the-scenes shots of this year’s calendar: