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Watch: Troy Jackson’s “Batty Boy’s Revenge” music video

Toronto-based singer Troy Jackson has released the full video for his song
"Batty Boy’s Revenge” — a rallying cry for queers to unite against homophobic violence. Watch it below:

Among the images shown in the video: anti-gay newspaper headlines in Uganda, gay youth executed in Iran, as well as the faces of Puerto Rican gay teen Jorge Mercado (murdered in Nov 2009) and Toronto gay man Chris Skinner (murdered in Oct 2009).

Jackson spoke to fab magazine’s Drew Rowsome last year about homophobia, race and music: 

"In Vancouver I was spit on once, but Toronto was the first time I was called a batty
man,” notes Jackson. Being the recipient of the Jamaican homophobic slur was
somewhat offset by witnessing what Jackson calls “a reverse gay bashing” where the
gays, with the help of some straight girls, drove away would-be bashers by standing up
and stating, “This is our neighbourhood.” The events planted the seed for Jackson’s
song “Batty Boy’s Revenge.” (read the full interview at

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