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Waterboy’s back

 Remember Rob Gray, author of Xtra Vancouver’s hugely popular Tidepool Sketches serial and its sequel, Waterboys?

He’s back with his first book, Crisp, published by NeWest Press. I asked him to point me towards the short story collection’s queer content. 
“The Melancholy Contortionist” features a gay guy who falls for, you guessed it, a melancholy contortionist. And “Waves” is about a guy on a one-night stand with a whale trainer, Gray says.
“Freighters” stars a gay guy reflecting on relationships and mono-gamy, and “Sweet Tooth” is about a gay couple at a dinner party.

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Asked how he feels about launching his very first book, Gray replies with typically endearing candour: “I am trying to act cool about it, but I am kinda geeky uncool excited.”
Gray has been in New Brunswick teaching film for the last two years and before that did a stint in Thunder Bay. He’ll be in Vancouver this month to launch Crisp at Little Sister’s on May 13.